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Featuring Scott Appleton, author of The Sword of the Dragon

Dear Readers,

Welcome--you've come so far! It is my great pleasure now to introduce you to the terrific author Scott Appleton. Over the last ten years, Scott has created The Sword of the Dragon series. His short fiction and poetry has been published in magazines, and four of his fantasy novels have been published. He is a sales professional and works as a freelance writer in Connecticut. At this stop on our hunt he will reflect on the long creative journey he has taken to bring to you The Sword of the Dragon.

Don't forget to write down the clue at the end of this post, and remember, if you missed a stop on the hunt, you can always catch up by checking here.

Enjoy, and thank you for participating in the #32AuthorHunt!

Evan Angler

  Scott Appleton
author Scott Appleton 

Why? Reflections on The Sword of the Dragon
by Scott Appleton

It seems like a long time ago when I scribbled the first ideas that grew into my series. It has been almost exactly ten years since that day. I was a student missionary in Bangkok, Thailand and I vividly remember how exciting the next two years of literary creation were. The story stole my attentions, wrapping me in its potential complexity, and it became a reflection of the moments in my life. Good times and bad played into the plot I developed for The Sword of the Dragon.

The long road of publication has left me with the first three novels, but I never intended to stop there. When I set out to create the story I anticipated writing offshoot stories about the various characters and events that I envisioned for this world. I thought of it as a story universe where readers could get lost in stories ancient and futuristic, depending on which storyline they followed. Think of it as Dungeons & Dragons for a generation of Christian fantasy readers. November 2013 marks the release of my first offshoot series Neverqueen and I am planning another series for future release called Specter.

Stories should give us heroes and heroines we can look up to. Sure, those heroes can have flaws. But they should overcome them. In my books I am striving to produce the characters that encourage the development of good traits in ourselves.

I remember the books that I read growing up and the type of characters that stood out to me. It wasn’t the ones that fell and fell again. I was the ones that learned from their mistakes and became stronger for it, overcoming the world around them.

On a spiritual note, that is exactly where Christians need to be. Too often we are on the defensive, and in part I believe that is due to the types of heroes our culture feeds us. We become the type of people we hang around and those whom we look up to.

As an author I believe I have a calling to feed the spiritual fire to do the things that are right, not the things that are easy. I am a firm proponent that good literature encourages godliness and shows evil for what it is. The world around us is falling apart it often seems, but in truth it is always falling apart. It is our responsibility to remain steady and to spiritually conquer. I hope the heroes in my stories feed that urgency to my readers.

And as Christmas approaches let’s fill our bookshelves with literature that encourages godly pursuits!

Learn more about Scott Appleton and his books:

Website: www.TheSwordoftheDragon.com
Blog: www.FlamingPen.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ScottAppleton.fans
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorAppleton
Amazon: www.amazon.com/Scott-Appleton/e/B002ECOL2U

Books (now available)

Swords of the Six (The Sword of the Dragon)
Offspring (The Sword of the Dragon)
Key of Living Fire (The Sword of the Dragon)

Books (coming soon)

In Search of Dragons (The Sword of the Dragon)
Neverqueen 2

Swords of the SixOffspringKey of Living Fire


Thank you, Scott, for sharing your thoughts and writing with us! We can't wait to read more!

In the meantime, Scavenger Hunters, your next clue is (drumroll please...):


Now head on over to Scott's blog for Stop #31 on the 32 Author Hunt--and keep hunting!!

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